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KooKu™ is Wireless Internet Access

Going wireless makes it simple to offer so much more to your customers while profiting from your high-speed internet connection. Connect without wires at all KooKu™ locations, or take KooKu™ with you to your conference. Become a hotspot today.....

Managing and providing a truly roaming National or International network is no easy task, KooKu™ links smaller regional networks and allows them to become such a network, whilst allowing each one to maintain its own branding and local identity.

Individual solutions require different models, whether you require a 5 minute access period, or one that starts at 7.30am and ends two days later at 5.35pm KooKu™ allows the Host to design their own range of pricing options.
Customer Loyalty and Brand recognition are key factors in todays market, KooKu™ allows the Host to define the Branding of a KooKu™ site to mirror local and existing corporate identities.

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